Bliss Herron

Bliss Herron


My journey to becoming a doula began with my personal birth experiences, though I didn’t realize it at the time. My first son was born by a true emergency c-section. He would not have survived if we had not had the availability of a surgical birth. I planned a VBAC for my second son, but when we arrived at the hospital, a different course was chosen for me. Three years later, I changed providers and had a successful un-medicated hospital VBA2C with a wonderful provider, but many precautionary interventions.

Later, I went on to have 6 home births. Yes, nine children! Eight of them were born to a “high risk” mother, 3 of them born to a mother with “advanced maternal age”, a woman who “shouldn’t” be having a natural birth after 2 c-sections. But, because of these experiences, I have a firm belief in a mother’s ability to birth. I am passionate about birth, mothers, babies, and the “rightness” of the process. I believe mothers have an instinct for what is right for them and their baby. For thousands of years millions of women have given birth. It is a natural process and we, as women, were created to do it.

When my children began to start their own families, they asked me to attend the births of their children, my grandbabies. Everything fell into place for me. To hold space for a daughter or daughter-in-law while she brought her baby to the world was why I had experienced all those different births myself. To hold her hand and let her know this was normal and everything was happening just as it should. To wipe her brow, let her cry, tell her she could when she began to doubt, to believe in her and the process. It just felt so right. Only later I learned the word doula and knew that was what I was doing. I just knew I was doing what I was created to do, be a mother to mothers.

After discovering that “doula” was an actual career, I began to research how to pursue training for certification and found Mother Me Doulas. Classes, births, extra trainings and certifications all fell into place quickly and I was blessed to become “a mother to mothers with Mother Me”. It is now my delight to serve mothers and their partners all over the north Texas.

She is delighted to come alongside new mothers, lend a helping hand and be a voice saying, “You can do this”.

I cannot imagine labor without a doula! Bliss present helped me and my husband feel confident and comfortable. Being a first time woman in labor I had no idea what to expect. Everything was so foreign, but having experienced doulas present to support, guide, and help us through the entire process was amazing. We were totally taken back by the level of commitment Bliss had for us. I was in labor for 38 hours and they were right by our sides the entire time, with smiles, positive attitudes, and wonderful words of affirmation. Also, looking back on our photographers pictures and video I didn’t realize while in labor how much Bliss was not only supporting me but supporting my husband. He was right by my side the entire time and she made sure he was well taken care of, she was watching out for our entire family! — Lizzy



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