Cesarean Awareness - Questions to ask your provider

When I’m speaking with a brand new expectant mother, I often ask her what her three top wishes for her birth might be. Interestingly, instead of telling me what she wants, she often tells me what she wants to avoid. This too is important information and we do “put a ribbon in it” to discuss in a later part of the conversation.If you want to avoid a cesarean, what are some things you should know? How do you bring it up to your care provider? Past Lamaze President, Robin Elise Weiss, PhD here lists some of the very important questions you want to add to your list for your very next appointment.

And here’s some great choices that every every pregnant woman has. The very first choice, that of a care provider who practices obstetrics in a way that helps avoid a primary cesarean birth.


If you gave birth surgically, please share with us how these five decisions may have led to your birth outcome. We’re all ears!

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