Get your DANCE on!

My Dear Future Mama

When I was pregnant with my little one, my one question to every parent I met was “What is the one thing you would have done to prepare for labor, birth, and parenthood?”
My answer to you is a simple word:


Dance prepares the body physically and the mind mentally for the strenuous work of labor. But it also has a secret. Dance revives the soul! It takes the focus off the world around us and turns our focus inward, a much needed focus inward. There are three genres of dance that specifically target this preparation and recuperation:

Stretch, Flex & Tone Yoga** with quiet reflection and gentle toning;
Belly dance is primal reflection and fluid toning;
African dance is expressive reflection and vigorous toning.

Come experience all three on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 12:30pm at the Dallas Birth Center.

Register for Stretch, Flex & Tone Yoga**
Register for Belly/African Dance

What to Bring:

Yoga Mat
Water Bottle
Comfy Clothes
Belly Dancing Scarf (if desired, we do provide these as well!)

Join the joy of dance for pregnant mamas and women of all ages to celebrate our womanhood!.

Happy Dancing!

Elise Arcos



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