Life After Birth – July Series

Life After Birth – July Series

I am Erin Clark and I am the founder of Raising Small Humans, a Fitness + Family Blog and am a Crossfit coach working primarily with moms. I have created a class called Life after Birth, designed for moms to become empowered in their parenting, as well as create a supportive and non-judgmental community of women.
Our resources for prenatal care, education, and information are endless, but what do we do once baby gets here? Our LIFE AFTER BIRTH class is geared for mamas 2-12 weeks postpartum looking for education on what’s next, as well as how to take care of and love their newly changed bodies and lives.
Our 4 week series meets 2 times a week, and will cover 8 HOT topics and a variety of functional movements in order to rebuild core stabilization and muscles strength after birth. This class is primarily education and discussion with a small portion being based on movement. We want you to leave this class feeling empowered and strong, inside and out.
Hot Topics covered but not limited to:

Sharing your birth story

Every baby has a story. Whether it went the way you wanted, the way you didn’t or somewhere in between. We want to share in the story of how your baby came into this world.
It can be healing and helpful to talk about your experience out loud.
You know you wanna!


How do you get rest when you have a baby?
Are you recovering from your birth experience physically, mentally, emotionally.
Who, if anyone, is sleeping, and how to get some if you’re not?

Breastfeed/Bottle Nursing

This is a completely JUDGE-FREE zone. Every baby and every mother is different. We are here to support your choice!
Under-lactation? Over-lactation? Let’s get some answers for you.
Can’t find a bottle or formula that works well? Let’s get some answers for you too!

Baby Wearing

Are you doing it right?
Need advice on which contraption to use. let’s sample a couple and see what works.
Balance/Social Life
When was the last time you saw your girlfriends? For real?
Are you feeling overwhelmed thinking about heading back to work or being home with baby all day by yourself?
Are you taking time for yourself at all?

Intimacy/Sex Life
It’s gonna happen. We will talk about it when we get there.


What were you doing before?
What will you do now?
Choices for mom and me classes and great options if you are just regaining your fitness again
We lead by example!


let’s make a plan. We wanna make sure you have resources, mommy friends, and all the tools you need to feel empowered, confident, and calm (most days)
Our next class starts on July 6th and will be held Mondays and Thursdays at 12:00-1:15pm. Last class is on Thursday, July 30th. Moms who delivered in April, May or June are prime candidates but it’s not limited to these months. Contact Erin personally if you would like to attend but your baby is older. Please feel free to bring lunch with you if needed.
This class costs $200, but if you register before July 1, you will receive $50 off the class. Registration is available online.



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