Moving is hectic – oh my aching everything!

So this weekend was furiously fast-paced. We were up at the B**t-crack-o-dawn each morning, packing, taping, loading, hauling. We had wonderful helpers that made it, well, not fun, but certainly added some laughs and lightened our loads.


Moving from an upstairs studio is difficult enough, but our old space had a BIG problem – PARKING! or the lack of it, we should say. We had 4 spaces out front and we shared space with several other businesses. Aaaaand it let out right onto the busy traffic-heavy Gaston Avenue. Try backing in big ol’ trucks right up to those stairs while people blow their horns at you. It was enough to make you wanna crack something open (not their skulls, but maybe an ice cold Blue Moon?) BUT!~ we had to keep moving. And moving. And moving.
Our new location ALSO has stairs, but thankfully (did I say that?) it’s not completed upstairs, so the big-big items didn’t go up yet.
Nevertheless, this morning my body fussed at me when my alarm told me that it was time to move. Mondays are always hectic but this one had a buzz of excitement as we rolled out our Welcome mat at the new place. A few hours into it, our lovely Elise Arcos arrived, lugging in her EXTRA Wide massage table. It promises to offer more comfort for those expansive bellies. Adding to that comfort is the option of utilizing the Preggo-Pillow.

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Expectant mothers can comfortably lay face down, since there is a padded hole for her breasts and belly. How amazing is this? We’re pretty sure you’re going to want to come in just to hang out on this contraption!!!


But let me tell you, Elise has the touch. After asking me a few questions about my preferences, I was delighted to melt under her warm hands. They responded to the kneading and rolling of her expertise. She found pockets of ache that had gathered and tightened under my skin and muscles and she brought them into humble submission. Once she gave me the effleurage and pat that let me know I was done, my body no longer fussed – it purred. It forgave me for the fury of abuse of a 3-day marathon of moving. It made me promise to come back again and again and again. I promised. And so should you!
Elise will be in the Studio on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am-2pm. Her booking software allows you to choose either 15 minutes in the chair, or 30-60-90 minutes on her table. This month she is running a Grand Opening Special of 20% off June services – and if you book in June for July, you’ll receive 10% off for those services.



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