Presenting: The Dallas Birth Center and MotherMe Studios

You know how exciting it is to be expecting a new baby?
Sometimes you’re afraid to tell anyone about it until you’re absolutely sure that everything is alright, healthy and secure. Well as much as we know that special ache when expecting a human baby, we have been experiencing our own little secret that is now ready to be let loose!
It is with great excitement and pride that we announce the opening of the new Dallas Birth Center and expanded MotherMe Studios near downtown Dallas!!!


Kristine Tawater, CPM, LM of MotherMe Midwifery will be offering complete prenatal, birth and postpartum services to families beginning late June, 2015


Whitney Colm, of Mother Me Chiropractic is expanding her practice and will be open for business on June 1st in the new facility.
MotherMe Doulas on Call will be hosting the MotherMeet the Doulas Soirees once again on a monthly basis so that new families may meet many doulas in one place in a delightfully supportive atmosphere of love and support.
MotherMe Massage will be offering 15″ chair sessions, 30-60-90 minute table sessions, including the Preggo Pillow so that expansive breasts and bellies have a nice contoured pocket to feel supported, not squished!
MotherMe Movement presents fitness for expecting and early postpartum mothers (and those of us who serve them!). Belly dance, African dance and prenatal yoga are all offered on the menu – and we’d love to offer you a complimentary session! Just email us and ask – we’ll sign you up for one of our monthly freebies! We know when you experience it once, you’ll be back!
Erin Clark of Raising Small Humans will be hosting “Strong like Mom” Postpartum Series. This is a mother’s circle for women and their babies from 2-8 weeks postpartum looking for education on what ‘s next, as well as how to take care of and love their newly changed bodies and lives.
Once your baby is here you may join in on her “Mom and me MoveFit” series; this small group setup will allow you plenty of help with movement, form, and keep you safe while enjoying fitness with your friends and small humans!




PH: 817-67DOULA

PH: 817-673-6852