Training for labour: It’s Hypnobirthing, Not Hippybirthing

Curious about Hypnobirthing? This is for you!



Hypnobirthing could possibly benefit from a rebrand as it seems to have the faint whiff of patchouli for some, but I have totally drunk the Kool-Aid on this, hypnobirthing works and there’s no two ways about it. To the uninitiated it is basically mind training, with a fat dollop of breathing techniques thrown in to help you help your body. I mean, yeah, I am part of the London Hypnobirthing team so a bit of love for it might be expected, but for me this is the foundation of any ‘training programme’ for childbirth.
It’s not just for those who want a natural birth. Just because you sign up for a hypnobirthing course, it doesn’t mean you have to sign away the option of pain relief, or will end up feeling like less of a mother because you have an elective caesarean. Whether you think you want to give birth in your front room, or with all the medical help known to man, hypnobirthing offers a lot of incredible benefits.
1 – the relaxation techniques that you learn, and have to practice daily, will help those last weeks of pregnancy pass more comfortably and easily. There’s a deep relaxation mp3 that we used to listen to at bedtime that would send us both to sleep in minutes. I think I heard the last 20 minutes twice in two months. Which meant that I actually managed to sleep during labour as I was so deeply relaxed and my body was used to going to sleep when I heard the mp3 start.
2 – the power of breath, and understanding how to use it properly, can transform your labour. Honestly. I really wasn’t sure I had much of an ability to cope with pain, and if you ever see anyone give birth on the telly you kind of get the idea that walking over hot coals would be more manageable. But they lie!! Breathing well will help bring oxygen to the muscles that are working their hardest to help your baby make its way down the birth canal and into this world and you have the power to help yourself on this one. Not only that but it transforms the pain from something you have to suffer through, to something dynamic that is helping you achieve your goal. You just have to take one breath. Then the next. And the next.



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