Good Latch

“Breastfeeding is natural!” we have heard this over and over and it is true, it is natural, but so is labor! Just because it is natural doesn’t mean it is easy. So here you are, in charge of a precious baby and providing its every need. What if that isn’t going as smoothly as you thought, or how do you know if it is going well? Questions like “how do I know if my baby is getting enough, should it feel like this,I’m engorged and need help now!”

We begin looking for help from family and friends, the internet and random people everywhere. The problem is some of that advice is more opinion that skilled knowledge, and sourcing things from the internet can be risky too. Finding advice on a thread of moms can be a lot of opinions and hormones and somewhere is a nugget of truth but mostly a lot of fluff. That is why we recommend getting information from credible resources.

Some of our favorites are, Ask Dr Sears and La Leche League International.

We also have a La Leche League of Texas where you can find local support.
These sites are full of articles, videos and information from knowledgeable professionals in all areas of the breastfeeding world.
Here is a list of common concerns and some info to go with them.
What is a good latch?
Sore Nipples
Is my baby getting enough?
Nipple Shield – Friend or Foe?

At MotherMe Doulas On Call, all of our certified doulas are State of Texas Breastfeeding Educators. If you are in need of some help, reassurance or just someone trained in mom and baby care to to come assist you please check out our postpartum doula services. It will provide assurances that nursing is going well and while they are at it do a couple loads of laundry, meal prep or just watch your little bundle so mom can eat lunch and get a shower! We also offer overnight services for families needing help during those long hours of the night.



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