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   I could not be more pleased with the Lamaze Healthy Birth Classes my husband and I took through MotherMe Doulas, as well as the support we've received through our doula.    Brenda, who teaches the birth classes is outstanding and enthusiastic. 

 She is knowledgeable and presents information in a judgement-free/fact-based manner, enabling attendees to make choices about their birth experiences that best suit their needs. We are set to give birth in the next month or so and our time with MotherMe has taken us from feeling nervous about our upcoming birth experience to feeling prepared and well supported. I can't recommend their services enough! -- Abigail

Hey, thanks for thinking about Lamaze Healthy Birth Classes!

You can choose to take them in several formats.

The Weekend Series takes place over 2 Saturdays.

   The first one is Labor in a Day from 9-4:30 with an hour scheduled for lunch.

The following Saturday is Comfort Measures from 9-12:30 and Successful Breastfeeding from 1-4:30.

The Five-Weeknight Series takes place in
  Fort Worth on Thursdays or in Dallas on Mondays.

The Newborn class is always on a weeknight, even for couples who sign up for the weekend series.

Why Lamaze?

  The Lamaze childbirth education certification is the only childbirth educator program that has passed the rigorous standards set by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). The program has been designed to meet the highest professional standards, with quality offerings that will help you as an expectant parent with accurate, evidence-based research.  
Other organizations automatically "certify" their educators after a weekend workshop.  Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educators must study over the course of a year to three years and student teach under supervision, apply for and pass testing that only occurs twice annually, under the evaluation of the accreditation counsel and statistical analysis of a psychometrician.  Re-certification is required every 3 years, keeping the educator updated on all latest research. 

TRAILER: Labor in a Day – 2 locations!
How many sessions are there?

 This is a 5-part series. Each session is 3.5-hours.

 Lamaze Parts #1 & #2 (Pregnancy, Labor, Birth & Postpartum)
#3 – Successful Breastfeeding for the Family Successful Breastfeeding for the Family
#4 – Natural Comfort Measures for Labor & Birth Natural Comfort Measures for Labor & Birth
#5 – Newborn Care, Calming & Massage.

 You may register for any session for $80 or the entire “Whole Shabang” for $350.

Do I need to take them in any particular order?

With the exception of Lamaze Parts 1&2 which should be taken together, 
our class sessions are designed to make sense all on their own.

 For this reason, you may start anywhere in any order!
You can take any of sessions 3, 4 or 5 as a stand-alone class.
Many who have already taken a different class decide that these are wonderful complements to what they’ve already learned.

 Each class is followed up with HOMEWORK! This consists of additional videos, practices or relevant documentaries that you may have heard about but haven’t been able to watch (no fee for workshop participants!)

Do I have to purchase a ticket for my partner?

 No, your ticket covers you and your support person.

What if either I or my partner cannot make one of the sessions?
 You have a few options!
You can:
  • Attend a different session at another location or on another day; these classes occur twice a month at each location (4 times total)
  • Choose to take that session in our Online Series
            (Same information, classroom setting and just as engaging!)
  •  With online series you may also enjoy one 15” personal consultation per session with your educator to answer questions or clarify anything.

 If any of these options is appealing, simply write us a note at the bottom of your registration. We’ll work it all out.

What do I need to bring?

 For each session or series, you will receive a confirmation email. Once your payment clears you are on our roster in INK! A few days before each session you will receive an email reminder with a listing of To Do’s including anything you might want to bring for your benefit or comfort.

How should I dress?

 Comfortably! Classroom temperatures may vary so layers are recommended.
For Part 4 – Comfort Measures, parts of class are on the floor, so leggings under dresses or comfy pants is a good idea!

Are there breaks?

 We generally power through these sessions but you are very encouraged to take care of yourselves. Restrooms are handy, eating & drinking during class is super okay and if your phone rings, don’t hesitate to take the call in the adjoining room.

You can even take our ENTIRE SERIES online!

If you miss one session for any reason, or if we have to cancel due to illness or a baby-blizzard (it happens!) you will have access to the Online Version.

((Here’s the trailer to the online classes))

See you in class!

Mailing address: MotherMe Doulas on Call – Lamaze Healthy Birth Class, 4218 Main Street, Dallas, TX, 75226, United States



PH: 817-67DOULA

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