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MotherMe Doulas is proud to offer some of the most loving and qualified women who choose to work solidly as a team. Each doula has had the exact training, mentoring and apprenticeship. All of our Certified Doulas are Texas State Department of Health Breastfeeding Educators. Our organization is so well respected and valued in the community of childbirth. Please take a few minutes to read about them, watch their “Getting to Know Her” video and get to know them a little before getting a hug in person.

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Want an assistant for your Certified Doula? Or are you needing a more budget friendly option? Check out our MotherMe Apprentice Doulas!

Erica Bowen, LMT

I love being Doula because it's not everyday we have someone helping us fight for what we want and being Doula I want you to have your dream birth just as much as you do! It gives me great joy to be able to help you and your support team and welcoming your bundle of joy into this world.

Iris Calderon

I love being a Doula because I get the chance to EMPOWER women by providing them evidence based education regarding birth choices and by supporting with every decision SHE makes.

Corilee Musgrove

I love being a Doula because it allows me to help educate families about birth. I can help empower women and their families to find their best birth options. I've always been drawn to birth work and I love babies and being a Doula lets me work in both worlds!



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