Julia Sexton


Post Partum Doula - Belly Binding Specialist

Hello! I am Julia, a middle-aged grandmother who came back to the idea of serving women and families as a doula in 2013, after a twenty-plus year hiatus during which time I raised my three children and pursued a corporate career.

I believe deeply that every woman should be educated in ALL options for birthing her babies, and that we can help them understand that women are ultimately perfectly designed for this function. Complications can and do arise, some of which may require medical intervention, but these are rare when women understand what is happening within their bodies in pregnancy and in labor.

I have been privileged to stay in the homes of friends and family to help care for mothers as they labored, and families as they recuperated from their deliveries. It is an absolutely magical time in each household, the very air swollen with love and hope. And yet, there are those everyday tasks that must be attended to: diapers to change and burp-rags to wash; meals to prepare and pets to be let in and out (and in and out and in and out. . .). Having someone there to handle these tasks, and demonstrate their manageability as recovery progresses, is invaluable to any woman.