Katy Weeden

Katy Weeden


Birth & Post Partum Doula

My love affair with birth began with my first pregnancy and the births of my five gorgeous, glorious daughters. I was so blessed with wonderful, supportive birth attendants.

When my sixth pregnancy ended in miscarriage, I came to know in a more profound way how absolutely necessary heartfelt, loving support could be

Every day, I learn more about the birth process, this amazing dance of hormones, muscles, body parts which culminates in the birth of your child. This little, shimmering person you never knew before. Wow! There is nothing as miraculous as this.

I’m looking forward to working with you, Moms- and Dads-to-be. You have everything you need to do this thing, and I would be privileged to be an encouraging and supportive presence at your birth. It is your story, and I would like to help to make it all that it can be.



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