Lamaze Healthy Birth Class

Whether you want all natural or choose a medicated birth, you should go into your birth feeling confident in your true informed decision making!

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5-Weeknight Workshop Series

Thursday evenings in Fort Worth

Monday evenings in Dallas

6:00 PM - 9:30 PM

(Live streaming available by request for Dallas location only) 

2-Weekend Workshop Series

Saturdays in Fort Worth

Saturdays in Dallas

9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

(Live streaming available by request for Dallas location only) 


In your own convenience at home, at your own time.

Click here to view the trailer.

$250/couple when taken as a series

$300 value/couple or $60 per each session

(Save $50 by registering for the entire series)

You can mix and match the classes to fit your schedule.
No charge for our Doula clients.

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“Labor in a Day” – Lamaze Parts 1 & 2 –
$120/2-part session (also available online)

Lamaze Part 1:

Part One (available online as “Labor in a Day”) starts out with the Lamaze Six Healthy Birth practices – a little chemistry and anatomy/physiologyPelvis curriculum to show you how things work and fit and then describe what early labor looks and feels like(how to ignore the unimportant stuff that just tires you out!), through active labor (Now you can pay attention!), transition and birth. What makes birth work – and what breaks it – You can do this! You just need a little GPS system – and we’ll show you how to read it! Pregnancy discomforts and some practical remedies. How to find reliable resources on the pregnancy/birth topics that mean the most to you with evidence based research. This class introduction is full of great information, presented in a fun and relaxing way – that will inspire you and your labor support partner.

Lamaze Part 2:

Part Two (available online as “Labor in a Day”) considers that P.A.I.N. is not a “four-letter word”; it’s a messenger and it can be used effectively for your baby to tell you what he or she needs you to do, to facilitate descent and exit! The Induction Seduction! We’ll talk about some hospital procedures in case you need a little help, with enough detail so you can make true “informed consent” or “informed refusal” by being an educated consumer, not a “good patient”. Signs & Stages of Labor are described, helping you know the difference between just warming up and The Real Deal! Then we spend the last hour preparing you and your partner for a more positive postpartum period. Ways to ensure that you can be as rested as possible, taking the necessary time and placing healthy parameters around your nest so that you are protected as a new mommy, the nurturer needs nurturing too – and how to teach your visitors to really help out and not hang out.

Lamaze Part 3:

Part Three – Successful Breastfeeding for the Family $60/single session (also available online). This is another 3-hour session to inspire you that you can FEED the baby you GREW ;-) .. It does take a village to help you out – making your nest calm and comfy – feeding and nursing YOU so that you can do the same for your tiny babe. We teach your partner and anyone else who may be supporting you at home during the first few days/weeks how breastfeeding works – and what breaks it – so that you’re more likely to be flourishing as a new feeder! We teach you ways to keep babies from needing to cry without cause, ways to get more sleep and make abundant milk and teach your partner about his important role – and it has nothing to do with offering a bottle – daddy’s are nurturers too – they just have different equipment but it’s just as valuable, if they know how to use it!

Breastfeeding Class Trailer:
Lamaze Part 4:

Part Four – Natural Comfort Measures for Labor and Birth, $60/single session (also available online)

is a full 3 -hour, hands on demonstration of ways to help you be an active participant in your birth. You will learn positive internal practices to help you prepare mentally for birth, positions that help birth be more effective and less painful; your partner will learn massage techniques, pressure techniques, how and when to use cold, heat, water, FOOD and drink to keep your marathon of birth progressing normally. These techniques are helpful whether or not you plan on using pain medications, or no matter if you’re at home or in the hospital.

7 parents tell their story … Watch this!

Bliss Herron MMCD, LCCE

Want a shorter, less painful labor? Watch this!

Private Classes

Life happens! Isn’t that why we’re talking Childbirth? We understand sometimes the 15 hour or more courses are just too much, or merging your schedule with ours is tricky.
Not to worry.

Choose the focus of your own private class. Online video slides are provided to follow up with your classroom experience and additional follow up over email and telephone is available.

Request your time slot by using our CONTACT form.

In our Dallas Studio** – 3 hours/$150

Your home – 3 hours/$200

MotherMe Doula clients would need to pay this additional fee for private classes.

Additional hours $50

Online Class Trailer:
Lamaze Part 5:

Part Five – Newborn Care, Calming & Massage, $60/single session (also available online)

highlights newborn appearance, characteristics, what they can see and do from birth onward. Then you’ll learn about keeping babies happy during their Fourth Trimester, being able to activate their tiny calming reflexes so that there is less crying, more sleeping and more smiling!

  • Using doll models learn the basics of baby care including bathing, diapering, umbilical cord and circumcision care, colic holds and how to comfort a crying infant.

  • Discuss common newborn health concerns, signs of illness, how to take a temperature, and when to call the pediatrician.

  • Nighttime parenting info includes safe sleep guidelines, SIDS prevention, swaddling techniques and tips to help your baby sleep.

We close with learning an 8 minute massage routine that makes a nice ‘end of day’ habit – easy enough to teach grandparents and care-givers. It increases baby’s ability to eat and digest food, gain weight and sleep sounder. It also calms the giver of the massage – so it’s a nice daddy duty. Bigger hands are sometimes a nice thing ;-)

Everyone leaves this class excited to swaddle, soothe and care for their babies! Practice with an expert during this hands on class. How will your baby adjust to life outside the womb? How will you adjust to life with your baby? This fun, confidence-boosting class is full of critical concepts and hands-on practice you’ll put into practice as you welcome your new baby home!

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Brenda Kirkpatrick, AIMI, MMCD, LCCE, FACCE