Meet the Doulas!

I’d like to meet doulas to attend my birth in

What is the best way for me to choose my doula?

  • You can peruse our “Meet our Doulas” to read biographies & view the individual videos.

  • You can visit “Doula Video Intros” to watch a playlist of each 2-3″ video introduction for each of our doulas.

  • Request a private interview with just these doulas on a date & time most convenient for you.

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 Private Tours of the Dallas Birth Center are available at your request.

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 Fort Worth – Harris Klabzuba Centering Room

Our initial introduction includes these beneficial topics:

Childbirth Choices
  • Find and choose a childbirth class that’s perfect for you and your partner

  • Find YOUR doula to support you emotionally, physically and informationally during your special day

  • Choose a good birth location that meets your wants and needs

  • Be able to communicate effectively with your care provider and share your desires during your delivery

Early Pregnancy Health
  • Make nutritious choices and exercise

  • Learn ways to deal with common discomforts of pregnancy

  • Prevent health issues that can affect your birth strategies

  • Get body moving and ready for childbirth!

MotherMe Doulas on Call — We are all skilled and in love with supporting mothers and their families through Pregnancy, Birth and the Postpartum year.



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