Meet the Doulas Soiree


Meet the Doulas Soirées

Every birth, from natural labor to those full of intervention, is a special event in a woman’s life. We aim to help families make informed decisions based upon their personal needs and values surrounding birth and postpartum.

To make Choosing Your Doula easier we host “MotherMeet the Doulas Soirée” twice a month.

You will meet several of our doulas at the same time. This will save you time in your research process.

Since choosing a doula is so personal we always encourage people to go with their gut feeling. You want your doula to help you feel relaxed and confident in the process of labor and birth. You will be able to have a brief individual interview with each doula present. You can choose your main doula, her back-up and an assistant if available at no extra charge.

Get a feel of our classrooms and a little something to eat & drink. Ask questions, gather in the warmth and increase the excitement of planning for the best day ever!

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