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Pregnancy is a dynamic journey that involves preparing yourself physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally to bring new life into the world. We static.squarespace.comare passionate about giving you the support you need for the changes that occur during this sacred, special time in your family’s life. Consistent chiropractic care throughout pregnancy is essential to correct structural misalignments and Neuro Spinal Tension, resulting in safer, easier, and more comfortable pregnancies, labors, and births.

We highly recommend having your baby checked as soon as possible after birth. Some of our new babies have been adjusted as soon as 1 hour after birth. It is very important to clear any tension in the Neuro Spinal system that may have occurred during the birth process. This allows your baby to start their journey with a fully connected Neuro Spinal system, free of interference.

We offer on-call adjusting for moms in labor, and for newborns.


Kids are constantly growing, adapting and changing. Chiropractic care supports the process by clearing any Neuro Spinal Tension that may be in the spinal system, interfering with communication between your child’s brain and body. This results in kids that have less sick days, less behavioral issues, and increased ability to concentrate in school. Under chiropractic care, we have seen children’s allergies, asthma, constipation, colic, ear infections, kloie adjADHD and other symptoms clear up naturally when this tension is cleared.

Mother Me Chiropractic is a family-based chiropractic practice, and we believe in healthy, thriving families! We offer chiropractic care for the whole family.

What Sets Us Apart

Our Mission:

At Mother Me Chiropractic Studio our intention is to serve high quality, gentle chiropractic care for pregnant mommas, infants, and families. We help you create safer births and overall healthier lives, and provide a loving and nurturing environment for healing and growth.

Traditional Chiropractic VS. Neuro Spinal Correction

Traditional chiropractic’s primary goal is to correct misaligned bones in the spine, with the goal of reducing pain and other symptoms in the body. Traditional adjustments take approximately 2-3 minutes.

The Neuro Spinal Correction difference:

Neuro Spinal Correction is a gentle, intricate, more detailed approach to correcting Neuro Spinal Tension and misalignments in the spine. The goal of Neuro Spinal Correction is to gently correct underlying areas of tension in the spine that can occur even before the spinal bones misalign. A Neuro Spinal Correction adjustment takes a little longer- about 10 minutes, because we allow your spinal tension to gently to “unwind” and the body often makes corrections on its own.

What is Neuro Spinal Tension?

Neuro Spinal Tension is present in the body when it is unable to adapt to physical, mental, and emotional stresses, which are an unavoidable part of the human experience. If left uncorrected, Neuro Spinal Tension can interfere with all aspects of health, in any stage of life. Some examples of secondary conditions that can be caused by Neuro Spinal Tension are ear infections, migraines, infertility, high blood pressure, digestion problems, anxiety/depression, etc. While we do not treat these or any other conditions, correcting the Neuro Spinal Tension in the body facilitates the body’s amazing innate ability to heal on it’s own.

What causes Neuro Spinal Tension?

In today’s world, our bodies and nervous systems are more overloaded with stress than ever before. With the increase in air pollution, decrease in food quality, increased mental stress from work and continually growing exposure to electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) with advances in technology – it is all too much to process and we go into the “stress response”. Over time, chronically experiencing the stress response, will over stress the body, leading to premature aging and all types of health conditions.

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