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MotherMe Postpartum Doulas are highly educated to provide breastfeeding support, mother massage, simplifying newborn care, bathing, nail trimming, newborn massage, infant CPR, support for families experiencing loss, nutrition and meal preparation. They also do simple shopping and errands as well as serve as an extra set of hands and help mom have quiet time to nap, groom and care for herself.

MotherMe Postpartum Doulas are highly experienced in caring for a postpartum mother and possess special skills to nurture and comfort the mother’s physical and emotional needs. Her guidance is based on the mother’s individual desires and requests. Our doulas have been described by one client as “a non-judgmental mother-in-law”!

Some families need MotherMe Postpartum Doulas fulltime, even living with the family for a month or more, while others schedule certain days and hours—even just a few hours a week if that is what the family wishes.

Evidence shows the tremendous need and benefit of postpartum support. All new moms could benefit from hiring a postpartum doula, and there’s a postpartum doula for every mother!

Postpartum Day

$125/up to 4 hours

$25/addt'l hour

Postpartum Overnight

$200/8 hours

$25/addt'l hour

Postpartum 24-Hour



Twins +20%

Triplets +30%

Antepartum Doulas are non-medical providers. A MotherMe Antepartum Doula works with mothers who may be in a highly stressful situation such as bed-rest or are experiencing a high-risk pregnancy.

Our Antepartum Doulas provide many resources useful to mothers during pregnancy such as massage therapists, midwives, ICPA Chiropractors, belly casters, pregnancy photographers and other services providers, support groups, online childbirth education and information, recommended reading and other resources.

Antepartum Doulas provide a listening ear free from judgement and respond with tender care and empathy. Relaxation exercises may be practiced along with release to touch activities to reduce stress in the mother’s body.

Mothers on bedrest need individual support to help her view her pregnancy in a positive light and look forward to the birth. Our doulas provide encouragement to the mother that by resting she is giving her baby the best gift possible by reducing the likelihood of preterm birth.

Practical support is provided such as light housekeeping, laundry, basic meals, sibling support, and other needs that can be tailored to the individual family’s needs.

Gift certificates are available.

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