becoming a MotherMe Certified Doula

The Steps to becoming a MotherMe Certified Doula

  • Complete the entire training course of modules including at least one full Lamaze Series.

  • Complete and turn in all homework according to Syllabus guidelines.

  • Obtain and complete 3 birth clients. Provide privacy release of records to the MotherMe Certification Committee. Attend and document prenatal meetings & communications. Turn in all notes. Provide client, provider and nurse evaluations, including phone numbers for verification.

  • Obtain and complete 3 postpartum clients. Provide privacy release of records to the MotherMe Certification Committee. Document all meetings, communications and outcome of each term of service provided. Provide client evaluation, including phone numbers for verification.

  • At this time graduates are encouraged to obtain their own clients for certification purposes. This will allow you the opportunity to explore the option of becoming an independent doula in the future, should you choose this path. It also expands previous limitations on client choice.

  • Some may wish to apply for apprenticeship. You will need to read carefully our Apprenticeship Agreement, complete an Application for Apprenticeship and schedule an interview with Faculty.

  • If you have already completed or are committed to serving a current MotherMe Client in either a tandem or solo role, these will continue to be applied toward your certification.

  • Once certified, a Staff position with MotherMe Doulas on Call may be offered to you.

  • Read and provide a one-page report on 5 books from the reading list. This report should be conversational, as if you were speaking directly to your instructor or a client.

  • Watch all mandatory videos and provide a one page report of comments and/or questions on portions that you found particularly interesting, intriguing.

  • Send in your request for certification and the committee will review your File Maintenance for consideration.

  • We expect that your complete doula training and certification can be completed within 1 year but you have up to 3 years* to complete the program. A 3 year membership is included in your training program after which you will need to pay the $50 fee annually to maintain your current status.

*If you need longer than your 3 year certification allowance in order to get through our program, we don’t automatically shut you down and make you start all over again. Honest, open communication and working well within our system is beneficial. Keep regular at your education and all the opportu-nities will come at just the right pace for you. Everyone’s a winner in this race because you’re self-paced.



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