If you’re currently trying your best now to pass your upcoming certification, check out a few tips that can assist you to concentrate and keep focused to reach your goal to become ACLS certified:

Memorize the algorithms

The examination of ACLS will mostly over algorithms. These are flowcharts of care methods for several types of instances you may come across. This one part of the prep course that you should never forget to learn and memorize like the back of your hand. If you have a great grasp of the algorithms, it can provide you more advantage to pass the exam. The most typical algorithm that you may encounter includes Tachycardia, Bradycardia, V-Tach, V-Fib, PEA, and Asystole. You can also try to answer the free ACLS practice exam online for dry runs to know what to expect during the exam.

Review various case scenarios

Medical technology is evolving and keeps on changing from time to time. Because of this, one of the greater means to keep updated on what you may observe on your ACLS test. This isn’t only about determining the symptoms and signs of a particular cardiac scenario, it Is also about understanding and knowing how to implement the right treatment procedure. Because of this, the ACLS certification course encompasses many scenarios that you’ll get to deal with throughout your medical career.

Know the doses and medications

Apart from algorithms and situations, knowing the right doses and medications is important. Being aware of the right doses and medications according to any type of scenario is mandatory knowledge for ACLS exams because even the slightest mistake can result in fatal outcomes. To help you study this, you can try mnemonic devices, which are proven to help you memorize this efficiently.

Carefully read the questions and take your time

ACLS exams are known for their material that’s naturally dense and technical. Reading carefully and slowing down can help you go a long way. Once you misinterpret the question lightly, you can potentially gravitate to the wrong answer. So, slowly but surely is the best way to go.

Provide answers to the items you know

Never consume most of your time concentrating on items that you’re struggling with. Rather, it would be best to just answer the questions that you know first. Then, you can get back to the items that you’re not sure of but can reasonably narrow down the right answer to it. Ultimately, deal with the questions that you really don’t have any answers.


One of the greatest advice in preparing for your ACLS examination would be to relax and clear your mind. Guarantee that you’ve had enough rest before taking the exam and you should never let yourself get stressed over it. If you’ve tried all you can to prep for this exam, believe that you’ll do fine after it all. You can ace this exam and become ACLS certified in the end.

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